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Field Service Inspections

Field Inspectors have to personally visit properties and businesses to verify information and then fill out reports for mortgage lenders, banks and insurance companies.

Notary Kings Inc male doing a Fieild inspection

Field Service Inspections

What types of inspections does Notary Kings perform?

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections are detailed inspections of business properties, such as restaurants, retail stores, warehouses and apartment buildings

Insurance Inspections

Field inspectors personally verify information and create reports about residential and commercial properties for banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

Business Verification

Business verification site inspections are typically done for a perspective client that is applying for new credit, credit information access or insurance services.  These inspections are done for existing clients as well, especially a provider is seeing anything that may be a red flag or cause for concern.

Lease Inspections

Equipment leasing companies, banks, credit unions, finance companies and insurance companies rely on detailed equipment inspection reports for verification of many types of equipment.

Equipment inspection reports are used by financial and insurance organizations not just to verify the equipment being financed or insured, but to help underwriters to make decisions based upon observations regarding the state and condition of the business.  

Merchant Site Inspections

Notary Kings Inc. will conduct on-site visits and will provide you the information to mitigate risk and fraud, verify compliance, and determine the legitimacy of a business when establishing a new account or following up on suspicious activity with an existing merchant. These reports can be customized to fit your needs and will include supporting complimentary photographs.

Collateral Inspections

Collateral Site Inspections provides a physical inspection of your borrower’s place of business. All inspections include a report and photos of the property.

Notary Kings Inc tech checking a home